Performance Gear

Pierce Footwear

  • Introducing this Fall, the Bob Beamon Chicago Skyline Limited Edition running shoes.
  • Beamon holds the longest never broken Olympic record of 50 years for the long jump of 29.2.5
  • This shoe celebrates the Chicago Skyline, break-thru upper with no seams, no laces, super lightweight running, performance shoes.
  • Be a part of the Footwear LaceLess Revolution. Go #LaceLess
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LegendBorne Apparel Official WorkUp Fitness Fan Gear

  • Coming Soon
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Legendborne Sportswear

  • Voted best quality OCR Jerseys among top competitors.
  • LegendBorne OCR Jerseys are tested and are specific just for OCR.
  • 100% made in the USA
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Muscle Ropes

  • The same ropes used by the NFL, UFC, the US Army
  • No need for typical workout devices and equipment.
  • Working out with these ropes can help you achieve your dream body.
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